How United Airlines Thanked A Ramp Worker For His Service

Veterans Day is a day of remembrance that marks the end of World War I in many countries around the globe. Public service is vital to a nation's survival and is something everyone can take part in. Sometimes that service can be as simple as acknowledging others' service.
United Airlines Honors Veteran Ramp Worker

Larry Ferrarini is a dual veteran. He is a U.S. Army Veteran who served his country during the Vietnam War. He is also a United veteran of 51 years, and works as a ramp worker for Chicago. He is highly regarded by his colleagues and Ferrarini himself equates the cohesion at O'Hare Airport to the kind of cohesion he experienced with his Army unit.

United painted a camouflaged baggage tractor and added the U.S. Army emblem to the hood in honor of his service. This is Ferrarini's only vehicle at ORD.

Larry, we are grateful for your service.

Co-workers honored Ferrarini in a way that is exemplary of how we can all honor our service and build a better country. While not everyone will be serving in the military, many will help to build a better country by serving their neighboring towns and states.

Honoring those who have sacrificed their lives is more than flattery. It's a genuine act to show gratitude and motivate you to do better. It is service in itself.

We honor veterans because they are not superhuman but because they have done extraordinary things for others.


We are grateful to all veterans who have sacrificed their lives for freedom, liberty, justice, and equality for all. Let us not only honor them but also emulate their humility, sacrifice, service, and spirit that are vital to the survival and strengthening of a nation. It all starts with gratitude. It is up to us to imagine what it will end up being and how hard we work.