FBI Warned Jay-Z of ‘Imminent’ Email Hack

His emails, however!
Feds Watchin'

This is the first time that law enforcement actually helps a major-name rapper.

Complex has obtained a report that Shawn Jay-Z Carter was warned by FBI officials that he would soon be the victim of an "imminent hacker," according to their source. As a precaution, they advised the Brooklyn-born rapper that he should delete all of his emails.

It is not clear what the subject of this apparently-foiled hack was or how the feds discovered it. Futurism reached out to Jay-Z's Roc Nation label for comments.

We can tell you one thing for certain: The incident shows shifting fault lines between the worlds of cybersecurity and law enforcement. And maybe Carter has just brushed some dirt off his shoulders.



People's Court

The FBI hacking warning to Hov came just as Jay-Z was beating a lawsuit filed by Parlux Fragrances perfume firm. Parlux Fragrances claimed that Jay-Z had violated a 2012 contract when the rapper didn't promote "Gold Jay Z" fragrance, which was released in tandem with Parlux Fragrances.

A 2020 judge ruled that Jay-Z "destroyed evidence" through -- wait for it -- deleting email messages.

Jay-Z's legal position was being hacked by someone. Are there unreleased demos he had that won't be seen? The world might never find out... unless Roc Nation emails us back.

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