Starsigns: Saladin Ahmed and Megan Levens Astrology Comic

Scorpio Season in our world is the most magical time of the year. It's Daylight Savings Time demon-time regardless of the clock. The situation is a little different on Earth of Starsigns. This is Copper Bottle's new monthly comic from Saladin Ahmed and Megan Levens. Today's first look at io9 is available.


Every person's relationship with astrology will be different. It often depends on how they feel about their signs and how they react to them. Rana Fawaaz, the young Arab American Brooklynite who is at the center Starsigns, is a Taurus. She is also a caterer. Her food service job is easy, but the significance of Rana's birth under a Venus-ruled sign is difficult to understand. It is also unclear how much Rana believed in astrology prior to this story about what happens to the world if the constellation of the zodiac somehow falls to Earth. Rana can't deny the fact that there may be more to horoscopes than wishful, projective thinking after the stars crash into her life. Below, you can see the cover and page preview of the first issue. Ahmed also contributed some words.

Ahmed, who identifies himself as "very much Libra", told io9 that he was fascinated by Starsigns concepts and that he wanted to use them as a way to tell interconnected stories about people to better understand their identities. Ahmed explained to io9 that he was fascinated by the iconography surrounding the western zodiac. "Aside from the question of belief, I've always loved the iconography around this symbol. All of these little stories arranged in a wheel and used in turn tell people stories about their own lives," Ahmed said. This is a project that has been in the making for a while. It was possible to make it a reality thanks to Megan Levens, an absolutely brilliant artist.

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Starsigns' creative team includes colourist Kelly Fitzpatrick and Shawn Lee. Heather Antos is also part of the Starsigns' design team. Copper Bottle now offers Starsigns' first issue for free.

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