LeBron James Trolls Kyle Rittenhouse Over On-Stand Crying, 'What Tears??'

After Kyle Rittenhouse had cried on the stand hours earlier, LeBron James made fun of the 18-year old and accused the Kenosha shooter to be putting on a performance.
"What tears ?????"" In a post on social media, the L.A. Lakers star said: "What tears????" "I didn’t see one. "Man, knock it off!"

What tears ????? I didn't see any. It was amazing! Before he entered court, the boy had some lemon heads. https://t.co/LKwYssIUmD -- LeBron James (@KingJames) November 11, 2021 @KingJames

The NBA player took the joke one step further, adding three laughing emoticons and writing: "That boy ate some lemonheads before walking into court."

Rittenhouse tried to convince the courtroom that he acted self-defense when shooting at people in Wisconsin during an Aug. 2020 protest.

The teenager, who was hit with multiple criminal accusations, including two counts for homicide, said that he didn't do any wrong. "I defended myself."

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However, at one point in his testimony, he became so emotional trying to justify his actions that he couldn't stop sobbing.

Rittenhouse fell to the floor in front of the microphone, causing a brief interruption in proceedings. James believed that it was a ruse to gain sympathy.

Rittenhouse's hearing was a dramatized affair that included the judge in the courtroom criticizing the prosecutions for their questioning of Rittenhouse.

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Rittenhouse had been asked by the officials about an incident which the judge had previously said would not be admissible as evidence... Rittenhouse's lawyers objected and judge Bruce Schroeder burst into flames.

"You know very well an attorney cannot go into these types areas when the judge already ruled without asking outside of the presence of the jury to do so," said the judge, accusing the prosecutor "getting brazen".

"So, don’t give it to me that."

Rittenhouse's lawyers requested a mistrial.