Footage from Astroworld appears to show police officers pointing their phones at the stage at least 15 minutes after it was declared a mass-casualty event

Video appears to show Houston Police Department officers near the Astroworld stage, while Travis Scott performed. TMZ
Video footage from the Travis Scott concert shows police officers pointing at the stage after the event was declared a mass casualty.

The Houston Police Department did not respond to the allegations.

Insider was told by a spokesperson for the HPD that the video, along with others, would be "examined as part of the investigation."

Photos and videos taken at Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival, Houston, where at least eight people were killed in a crowd surge. While some can be seen moving, others are pointing at the stage with their smartphones.

Insider received a 30-second video from Hiltzik Strategies, a public relations agency representing Astroworld Festival. Also, a series photos taken during the night were sent by Insider.

Five people claimed they were injured at the festival and filed a lawsuit against Scott. They claim Scott was negligent. Scott stated that "for 37 mins after Houston firefighters and police were called to a ‘mass casualty incident, [he] continued performing."

It is not clear what Scott knew about the crowd as he was performing on stage. Kylie Jenner, currently pregnant with Scott's second child, stated on Sunday that Scott and she didn't know of any fatalities until after Scott's performance.

According to some reports, Scott was not informed of the seriousness of the situation until he arrived at Dave & Buster’s for a planned afterparty. Sources tell NBC News that Scott left the party immediately after being informed what had happened.

John Cannon, Houston Police Department's public information officer, declined to comment. Insider was told by Cannon that any video of the festival appearing on social media would be investigated.

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Troy Finner, Houston Police Chief, stated Wednesday that the investigation into the incident could take weeks or even months. Finner stated that the decision to stop the performance was made by the concert promoters and not the police department. The department responded by saying that HPD personnel had told personnel in charge of the event to stop the performance after CPR had been completed for "one or two persons".

A crowd surge at the event resulted in the deaths of eight people. Many more were also injured.

Insider was provided with a statement by Scott's lawyer stating that there have been "finger-pointing", and "inconsistent message" from officials about the tragedy.

Attorney Edwin F. McPherson stated that investigations should be more than finger-pointing to identify the exact circumstances and prevent it from happening again.

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