Sony reportedly making even fewer PS5s due to component shortage

According to Bloomberg, Sony is having difficulty making PlayStation 5 consoles. The company has also internally reduced its production forecast for this financial year. The company had hoped to build 16 million units between March 2021 and 2022. However, this number is now reportedly at 15 million.
Sony had previously predicted that 14.8 million PS5 consoles would be sold this fiscal year. This is a significant downward revision. However, it also shows how limited the supply will continue to be in the future. Sony would have been able to achieve its goal of selling 16 million units while also securing more stock for next year.

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As the world struggles with a chip shortage, Sony may be facing logistical problems as well as supply issues. Bloomberg reports that components are not always delivered on time and that there have been varying levels in vaccine rollout, which has made it difficult for production centers to operate.

Sony projects 22.6 million PS5 sales in the fiscal year that begins April 2022. However, its manufacturing partners believe it will be hard to reach that goal. It is not likely that it will be any easier to purchase a PS5 anytime soon.

Due to a shortage of components, Nintendo lowered its Switch sales forecast earlier this month by 1.5 million. The shipment of Valve's Steam Deck handheld computer has been delayed by two more months due to similar reasons. It won't ship until February.