How to Block Your Ex (or Other Annoying Users) on Spotify

Spotify now allows you to block other users' activity. You had to report the user or contact customer service if you wanted someone to stop listening to your music. All you need to do now is tap a button.

It's easy to do so: Tap on the Three-dot symbol (More settings) in the Spotify desktop application next to the user’s name, then choose Block. You can do the same on Android and iOS, and you have an unblock option in case things change.

A blocked person can't see your listening activity, profile page or playlists that you have made public. This week, the new block feature will begin rolling out to users.

Spotify encourages playlist collaboration with other users. It even integrates Facebook profiles. Spotify lacks the privacy features that allow users to feel secure and in control over their listening habits. Spotify subscribers have been asking for privacy features that make it easier to block harassers, haters, and others who feel unsafe sharing your listening history.

Many social networks offer a block option from the beginning. Spotify did not even consider including it until an investigation in 2018 revealed how the platform was being used by abusers to intimidate and bully victims. A company representative stated that Spotify didn't have any plans for blocking, but it later updated its message boards to admit that the feature was a good idea.

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Spotify needs to have better moderation tools and be the entertainment platform you choose for music, podcasts, etc. Spotify's interface is not intuitive and the curation tools are sometimes a bit confusing. The Windows app doesn't have the ability to remove artists from playlists.

Everyone should feel free to do what they want, without any interference from anyone. Spotify's block tool was long overdue but we are glad it is here.