Jurassic Park: Camp Cretaceous Has Completely Lost Its New Trailer

You're missing out if you aren't watching Netflix's Camp Cretaceous cartoon if you love Jurassic Park movies. This is not a Sesame Street segment that teaches kids Dino Facts. It's a Jurassic adventure with young characters that doesn't mince words. It is also completely compatible with the films. This means that the bizarre trailer for the cartoon could provide some clues to Jurassic World 3 and beyond.


Although Darius, Yasmina and Brooklynn spent the first three seasons running away from dinosaurs, Sammy and Kenji finally managed to escape Isla Nublar (home of Jurassics Park & World) via yacht in the finale. The trailer shows that they were trying to sail to Costa Rica but ended up somewhere a lot more... unplanned.

Although I don't think it's Lost's island, there are some strange, weird, and bizarre things going on there. Scott Kreamer, showrunner of EW, stated that EW is not part the Five Deaths archipelago, which is owned by Park/World owners InGen. It's a new place, canonically. This is a place that can make robots, uses holograph technology, operates drones and herds dinosaurs. Also, it can clone prehistorical beasts other than large lizards. It remains to be confirmed if this is another InGen secret facility. However, I believe that InGen would have attempted to use it during the Jurassic World disaster (after which Camp Cretaceous was established). It could be a new entity, which could link to the mysterious events in Jurassic World: Dominion next summer on June 22.

Even if it's not, there is clearly more to this show than I thought. The complete fourth season of Jurassic Park: Camp Cretaceous is available on Netflix starting December 3.

Correction: This post was incorrectly released on the original version.

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