Twitter will now show full-sized images on web

Twitter has removed the crop from its web site. This update also removed Twitter's annoying auto-cropping algorithm for iOS and Android. You'll now see all images on your timeline when you scroll through Twitter via your web browser.
You can now access this information online!

Pic looks great in the Tweet composer This is how it will appear on the timeline. Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport), November 10, 2021

This is true for images you upload yourself. You'll get a preview of your image, which will not appear strangely formatted when it's posted. Its full-size preview window is billed as "what you see, is what you get" and allows you to view your post in its entirety.

Twitter's ongoing changes in how it handles photos result from the auto-crop controversy last year. Twitter's autocropping algorithm might favor Black faces over white faces. This resulted in a crop showing white faces more prominently. Twitter investigated the matter and determined that it wasn't biased, but disabled it in case.

We all know that Twitter's autocrop feature is no longer working. We won't miss out on the most interesting images simply because we weren't able to see beyond the preview. The awkwardly cropped images might still be a problem, but they are not mine.