Carolina Panthers' Brian Burns wishes NFL DEs 'happy hunting' vs. New England Patriots' Mac Jones

Stephen A. Smith is positive about the Patriots' chances of reaching the playoffs. (1:54).
CHARLOTTE (N.C.) -- The Carolina Panthers' defensive end Brian Burns doesn't buy Mac Jones' explanation that New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones was trying to tackle him and not injure Jones after a sack Sunday at Bank of America Stadium.

When asked how he would like the situation to end, he almost put a target on 15th pick in the 2021 draft.

Burns stated Wednesday that he was not going to apologize for the play. The NFL will handle it. I'd love to play them again.

"I wish all my D-end brothers happiness hunting. That's it.

Jones was asked Wednesday if he considered reaching out to Burns for an apology.

He said, "I already addressed this situation." "I just look forward to playing in the game with the guys on our team this weekend. We're ready to go this week and are already moving forward.

This play took place at the end of Carolina's first quarter, when they lost 24-6. Burns had Jones taken down on a strip-sack. The quarterback grabbed Burns' right leg and held it as the end attempted to escape.

Jones walked off, Burns still on the field with his ankle pained and Carolina linebacker Frankie Luvu having recovered the ball more than 10 yards away.

Jones stated Monday on WEEI radio Boston that he believed Burns had the ball, and that it was his job to "try to make the tackle."

Carolina's edge rusher Haason Reddick described the play as "completely dirt" Sunday. Burns agreed after watching the replay from all angles and studying it.

Burns stated that he initially thought it was a bull to grab his ankle. It was all wrong after watching the video, and then he just walked away. I'm in great pain. He just looked at me and went about his business or bully-like manner.

"After seeing that, I realized that it was a damn!"

Burns rolled his ankle again later in the game and was forced to be taken off the field. His status for Sunday's Arizona game is uncertain as he did not practice Wednesday.

Matt Rhule, Coach, said that his edge rusher would need to be decided in the game's final minutes. However Burns is confident that he will play.

Burns laughed when asked if he'd heard from Jones or Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

He said, "No." "Not at all. They won't hook me up."

Burns has also not heard from the league.

He said, "They can do whatever they want with the video." "It is clear to see that he held onto my ankle, swept me leg, twisted mine ankle, or whatever else you want to call this."

Even Christian McCaffrey (the Carolina running back), who is known for his aversion to controversy, was unsure about Jones' motives.

He said, "I thought it was pretty suspicious."

Burns was reminded Sunday that Jones "nudged” one of his American Heritage teammates, after Burns fired him from a high school football game. Both were born in South Florida. Jones was from Jacksonville and Burns was from Fort Lauderdale.

Burns laughed and said, "I didn’t even know that I played him in highschool,"

After Sunday, Burns will not forget Jones.

He said, "As soon as he sacked me, he grabbed mine arm." He said, "And my arm was stuck. After I had my arm freed and tried to run again, he grabbed my ankle. My ankle was still hurting at that point.

"Everybody else ran past us. "Everybody else ran past us." It's not cool.

This report was contributed by Mike Reiss, ESPN.