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Zero-party data is quickly becoming the most popular buzzword in digital marketing and advertising. Zero-party data is different from third-party information, which is collected through third-party cookies or unsavory tracking techniques by aggregators.
Imagine what you would tell a sales associate to help you choose the perfect gift for your family. Think about their size, skin concerns, gender, financial situation, and eating habits. That's zero-party data.

Zero-party data marketing began when there was increased scrutiny of ad tracking. However, it became a necessity after iOS 14.5. Marketers need new data sources to power campaigns and replace data they have borrowed from tracking cookies. The vast majority of iOS users have opted out of data tracking.

This is especially important as consumers increasingly expect personalized shopping experiences. If done correctly, zero-party marketing can be used to treat each customer as an individual and personalize their experience with you brand.

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Although there are many articles that discuss the importance of zero party data, few articles address how to gather this data and use it properly for customer satisfaction, loyalty, and conversions. This is why I wrote this article. It's a guide on how to get started as zero-party data marketer.

Let's begin with the most important tools to zero-party data collection.

Zero-party data is built on recommendations and quizzes

You might think of "quiz" as a BuzzFeed personality assessment. But in reality, they are fundamental to how we decide what products and packages we want.

Imagine going to a cosmetics shop. Although you know that you need a certain number of products for your skin, you aren't sure which one to use or what the options for each step of the regimen. However, a store associate can help you choose the right products and skincare routine based on questions about your skin, concerns, and other information.