Hear NVP’s Priti Choksi and Birdies founder Bianca Gates explain how to land early-stage funding – TechCrunch

Priti Choksi is a partner at Norwest Venture Partners. Her portfolio includes Bright, Lumosity and Citcon, UPSIDE Foods, Birdies, and UPSIDE Foods. Before she entered the world of VC she worked as an operator for companies such as Facebook and Google. She has extensive experience in scaling and growing companies and managed M&A teams.
It should be obvious that we are thrilled to have Choksi join TechCrunch Live on November 17th at 12 p.m. ET/3 p.m. ET. Bianca Gates, founder of Birdies, will join Choksi.

TechCrunch Live focuses on helping entrepreneurs build venture-backed businesses. Usually, getting funding is the first step. We will talk to Choksi, Gates, about their first meeting, how Choksi decided to invest in Birdies and how they have worked together ever since. We will also look at Birdies' early pitch deck to see what appealed to NVP and other investors.

Founders: This is a great chance to learn about VCs and improve your fundraising processes.

TechCrunch Live's next episode will feature the TCL pitch-off. Founders can present their products to our guests on the virtual stage.

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