The Family Of A 9-Year-Old Who Is In A Coma From His Injuries At Astroworld Is Suing Travis Scott

Ezra Blount's family filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott and Live Nation on Tuesday over the alleged "grossly negligent" conduct at the fatal Astroworld Festival in Texas.
According to the lawsuit, the 9-year old victim is the youngest. He suffered severe brain and kidney damage. He is in critical condition and has suffered injuries that could be considered "catastrophic".

Ezra Blount and his father Treston Blount had traveled to Houston to meet Scott, Ezra’s favorite rapper. Bernon Blount, his grandfather, told CNN. Treston told CNN that Ezra was lying on Treston's shoulders and Treston fell asleep in the midst of the crowd.

Rolling Stone reported that Ezra was already taken to a hospital by the name of John Doe when Treston regained consciousness.

Scott was performing onstage. The lawsuit claims that Scott and the organizers failed to establish and enforce safety protocols, control crowds, and provide enough security personnel for the concert's 50,000 attendees. The lawsuit claims that the defendants did not stop the show for more than 40 minutes after officials stated that the "mass casualty incident" began at 9:38 p.m. Witnesses have claimed that video footage from the event showed that the defendants failed to do so.

Scott, his record label Cactus Jack Records and several Live Nation employees are named as defendants in the lawsuit. According to court records, there have been dozens of lawsuits filed regarding the concert that killed Scott.

Blount's family seeks at least $1million in damages. BuzzFeed News was informed by a spokesperson for Live Nation that the company is supporting the investigation and will "resolve all legal issues at the appropriate time".

Scott's representatives refused to comment.