Wyndham timeshare offer: 3 nights + 15K points for $149 or $199 (at a Fairfield?!?)

Updated 11/10/21 You can still use the Wyndham card to stay at a Marriott and Hilton property. However, elite credit will not be earned since you are paying Wyndham. Starting prices and eligible locations: $149 for 3 Nights + 15k Points Orlando, FL
Myrtle Beach (SC)

Las Vegas, NV

Oceanside, CA $199 per night + 15K points Branson MO

Smoky Mountains, TN

San Antonio

Destin, FL

Nashville, TN. The original post is here and explains more about the deal.

Today's Wyndham Rewards email offers a timeshare deal that is simple enough. You can get 3 nights and 15,000 Wyndham Rewards Points for $199 plus tax if you attend a 120-minute presentation. You can choose from places such as Las Vegas, San Antonio, Orlando, San Antonio, or even the Smoky Mountain. That last one is bolded because I just enjoyed a 4-night stay at Vacasa's first Vacasa vacation rental through Wyndham Rewards. My cabin was north of $400 per night plus cleaning fees. So, earning enough points to book a night for $199 seems very appealing even though you consider the 3 night stay included in the package. Looking at the options for accommodation made me wonder if I would also be eligible to earn Marriott points or elite nights by booking Fairfield Inn.

The Deal

Club Wyndham offers a timeshare presentation incentive, which includes 3 nights in selected destinations (subjects to blackout dates), and 15,000 Wyndham Rewards Points for $199 $149. This is in exchange for participating in a 120-minute timeshare presentation

In exchange for a 120-minute presentation on timeshare, direct link to this deal

Key Terms

Vacation Package Details: To participate, you must attend a 120-minute presentation on timeshare sales.

This offer is valid in all US States, except those who are residents of: HI.

This package is for owners in good standing or those aged 28 and older who are employed full-time, have an annual income of $60,000 USD or less, except if they are 60 years or older, and are fully retired. The individual must meet the minimum income requirements or it can be based upon marital or cohabiting partner combined income.

It is possible for guests who have signs of impairment to their decision-making abilities to not attend the presentation.

To check in at your accommodation and presentation, you must bring a photo ID and a major card.

Each household can only present four times per year

Click here to see the complete terms

Quick Thoughts

The deal is not as strong as the January one that included a $100 coupon good for future hotel stays. However, one reader called to get an even better deal with 30K points and a $175 coupon.

This deal was only appealing to me initially because I was in the Smoky Mountains last week using Wyndham Points. Naturally, I was at Vacasa vacation rental. Although I wasn't expecting Wyndham to put guests up in one, I did pass the Wyndham timeshare resort "Club Wyndham", and also the Wyndham "welcome centre" in the middle Pigeon Forge called "The Island". Although I thought of going to one of these locations to inquire about timeshare presentations, I wasn't expecting them to let me bring my kids.

When I received the email today, and realized that it was advertising the Smoky Mountain National Park, I clicked through. To check availability, I entered dates for the fall. Because we believed that fall foliage was beautiful in that area, I checked the availability at that time of the year. I had previously looked through Vacasa. All of the weekends were priced in the $600 range for rentals that were ordinarily under $350. These rentals were also ordinarily possible with Wyndham points but were surely sold out on weekends. I was curious about Club Wyndham's availability.

Wyndham was expected to put you up for the timeshare property they were trying to sell. When I opened the email to search, however, I was shocked to find that it said "Stay in a local hotel that can sleep up to 2 adults or 2 children" (bold is mine).

It said the room could sleep 2 adults and 2 kids, but the search tool only allowed 1 child.

However, that chuckle soon turned into a belly laugh when I discovered that the Fairfield Inn was the Marriott property that had been searched for this Wyndham timeshare deal.

You might think this is a glitch that will occur at the next step. I assure you Wyndham will happily sell you a Fairfield Inn room for $247.64 plus tax.

Wyndham may be overselling its value proposition. I can assure you that it is not an absurd claim. Marriott.com provided the Fairfield room rates for the same dates. For the same dates, $1,063.02 was the best flexible rate for a room with two queens.

It's important to note a few points.

You will not be able to earn Marriott points or elite credit for bookings made through Club Wyndham. Club Wyndham offers free cancellation. However, you will need to click to see more details. You must cancel within seven days of your purchase by mail. Good luck cancelling. Rescheduling dates can be done once free of charge, but there are higher penalties if you do so after 5 days or before your arrival.

A more fair comparison is the prepaid/nonrefundable Marriott rate which would be around $815 for the same dates. It is still an attractive deal, considering it would cost less $250 for the room and 15,000 points.

But, I selected a weekend that was in high demand and in a popular destination. The savings would be less in most cases.

This can also be a great deal if you really value the space. Wyndham normally limits a member's ability to purchase up to 45,000 points each year. The points are an incentive and do not count towards the annual purchase limit. This may be an option for those who have already purchased 45K points in the past year. It will allow you to get a room at a reasonable price and points that are above the cap, depending on your value.

If you are thinking of booking this, I recommend calling to see if you can find a better deal. Stephen shared his story from a few years back about a better deal that he received in person in Myrtle Beach. I tried several times to duplicate it, but was unsuccessful. Stephen's post explains that you should be prepared to say no a lot. Timeshare prices can range from $11,800 up to $92,700, according to the fine print. Let me guess where the pitch will begin.

This practice of placing guests in hotels of other chains may be more common than I realize, as I don’t attend timeshare presentations. Although I don't mind the idea of hearing the pitch for an incentive, the salesperson would have to convince me why I should spend thousands of dollars on a timeshare. I already have the Wyndham earner Business card that allows me to buy 8x gas stations.

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