Uh Oh, Turns Out the Universe Might Be Making Black Holes Even Bigger

According to researchers, black holes expand faster as the universe expands faster.
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This is quite disturbing.

Researchers claim they have evidence that the expanding universe causes black holes to grow along with it.

Their findings were published in Astrophysical Journal Letters last Wednesday. They suggest that expanding universes may also be causing celestial objects like supermassive black hole to expand.

Gizmodo was told by Kevin Croker, an astrophysicist from the University of Hawai'i, and coauthor of the paper.



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This raises the question of why objects such as the Earth or the Sun don't expand. Although the explanation is complex, the basic argument is that they don't have enough mass or aren't old enough. However, if they were eventually destroyed by a blackhole, they could be able to join the phenomenon.

Even more troubling is the possibility that these objects could expand faster with time.

Croker stated to Giz that all black hole masses in any expanding universe will grow in this manner. Croker explained to Giz that black hole mass growth will accelerate if the universe expands faster. It's not the acceleration in the expansion that causes growth. It's the expansion itself.

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The team calculated the sizes of two colliding black holes relative to the expanding universe in order to arrive at their conclusions. The team discovered that the objects grew in proportion to the universe expanding as they got closer to each other.



Researchers also discovered that growth can also occur in black holes not colliding with each other, like the ones at the centers galaxies.

It's just a hypothesis, but it's still possible. Although the team believes that they will be able to confirm their findings with more advanced instruments in the future, the idea of supermassive black hole growing larger is not going to make us sleep better at night.

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