Hey NFL, explain this to us like we’re 5: Why are y’all O.K. with Aaron Rodgers’ fine being cheaper than CeeDee Lamb’s?

This sh*t is impossible to make up.

The latest episode of "How The F*ck Did They Get Here?" featured NFL analyst Chris Simms revealing one of the most outrageous hypocrisies in a league that is known for being confusing. Cowboys receiver CeeDee Lamb was fined more for wearing untucked jerseys than Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers for lying about not having been vaccinated.


This breakdown of Lamb's "crimes," as reported by The Sporting News.

Socks too low in comparison to. Buccaneers (Sept. 9): $5,150

Untucked jersey vs. Eagles (Sept. 27): $5,150

Untucked jersey vs. Panthers, Oct. 3: $15.450

Crackback block vs. Panthers Oct. 3: $10,815

Taunting vs. Patriots (Oct. 17): $10,300

Although some will argue that Lamb is a repeat offenders, it is still difficult to believe that the NFL has penalized one of its top receivers $20,600 and $5,150 respectively for Lamb's jersey not being tucked. ESPN reports that Lamb will be fined $46,350 if his jersey is not tucked again. Lamb has been fined $46,865 so far this season.

Rodgers is another option...

Joe Rogan's friend, Joe Rogan, uses MLK quotes to explain his white fragility. He believes he is the victim of cancel cultural. The Packers could be back in the center this week against the Seahawks after missing only one game and paying a paltry $14,650 for violating protocol when he lied that he was vaccinated. Rodgers offered a weak apology on The Pat McAfee show, where he was able to return to the scene. "I made some statements that people might have felt were misleading. He said that he took full responsibility for the comments and apologized to anyone who was misled by them.

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Kareem AbdulJabbar was able to clearly explain what Rodgers had done.

Abdul-Jabbar wrote an essay about Substack, "What's particularly bothersome is that Aaron Rodgers did not just lie and threaten to the health of those around he, he also damaged pro sports."


Here are some more Kareem:

"Many athletes spend a lot on product endorsements. This is dependent on how the public perceives athletes. Global sports sponsorship was valued at $57 billion in 2020. Sponsors might be more inclined to avoid pro athletes like Aaron Rodgers if they see them as being stupid. Steph Curry, LeBron James and others don't need to be concerned. However, some newcomers may not have the same opportunities. "Rodgers ignorance about the science and practice of immunology is a reminder of the stereotype of the big dumb jock. It is shocking to see his complete lack of logic and basic knowledge.


CeeDee Lamb will be called a dumb jock by someone because he continues to pay for violating the league's uniform policy.


Because the NFL is OK with giving stiffer punishments to those who don't wear their jerseys properly than for those who are selfish, reckless and careless about others' health during a pandemic. Rodgers is the dumbest of all.