Crying Pro-Trump Capitol Rioter Who Assaulted Cop Sentenced To 41 Months In Prison

Scott Fairlamb was sentenced Wednesday to prison as the brother of Secret Service agent. (Photo by U.S. Attorney's Office).
New Jersey Donald Trump supporter who attacked law enforcement during the attack at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 was sentenced Wednesday to 41 months imprisonment. This is the longest sentence in connection with that attack.

Judge Royce C. Lamberth sentenced Scott Fairlamb, the son of a New Jersey trooper as well as the brother of a Secret Service agent serving on the first lady Michelle Obama’s detail.

Fairlamb, who was in tears, said that he had caused shame on his family and asked for mercy from the judge when he sent him to prison for his "completely irresponsible and reckless behavior" on January 6.

Fairlamb stated, "I accept full responsibility" and added that the prosecutors were "nothing but professionals" from beginning to end.

Lamberth stated that he could not go below the sentencing guidelines due to Fairlamb’s conduct, but said that Fairlamb had done what was right by pleading guilty. He said that no jury would have acquitted Fairlamb because of what he did.

Fairlamb, the first Capitol riot suspect to plead guilty to assaulting an officer Jan. 6, was also the first defendant sentenced in a violent crime. Fairlamb pleaded guilty for one count of obstruction of an oficial proceeding and another of assaulting an officers.

"What do patriots do?" We fucking disarm and storm the fucking Capitol. Fuck you!

Judge Lamberth approved the release of some videos that were presented in evidence against Scott Fairlamb. Scott Fairlamb remains under arrest. -- Ryan J. Reilly (@ryanjreilly) June 18, 2021

Federal prosecutor stressed the importance of deterrence in this case, saying that the court should send a clear message to the federal government that violent attacks against political causes will draw a strong reaction.

Harley Breite, a New Jersey-based lawyer who represented Fairlamb, said to the judge that the government was fair to his client. He also stated that Fairlamb had previously worked with Fairlamb while Breite was preparing for a MMA bout.

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Scott Fairlamb's attorney Harley Breite says that "the government has been nothing but fair and honest, transparent, as well as very reasonable." -- Ryan J. Reilly (@ryanjreilly) November 10, 2021

Breite stated that Fairlamb doesn't believe the election was stolen anymore and that he has a "different ideology" from when he arrived at the Capitol on January 6.

Breite stated that he was more conscious of the divisiveness of news outlets and their willingness to serve an agenda, rather than the absolute truth. Breite was referring to pro Trump outlets that fed lies about a stolen election.

Fairlamb was sentenced in the Capitol riot case to the most severe sentence. Although more than 650 defendants were arrested, hundreds of criminals remain at large. Over two-thirds (or more) of those who were caught on camera engaging in criminal conduct on Jan. 6, have not been arrested. This includes the 250 individuals who assaulted police officers during the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

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