Best Galaxy S9 Screen Protectors in 2021

Android Central 2021: Best Galaxy S9 Screen Protectors
It is not easy to protect the Samsung Galaxy S9's curve display. While tempered glass provides the best protection, a PET film can be used to better wrap around the edges. You should also consider the price differences when buying. These are the top Samsung Galaxy S9 screen protectors.

The best Galaxy S9 screen protector

Although finding the best Galaxy S9 protector is the first step in the process, there are many more. One common complaint about tempered glass screen protectors is their ability to reduce your phone's touch sensitiveness. Samsung offers a solution to this problem. Go to Settings > Advanced Features > Touch Sensitivity to toggle the heightened touch sensitivity.

Screen protectors can sometimes feel like a compromise, making your screen appear dirtier or more scratchy than it really is. The Whitestone Dome Glass is great for gripping the screen and looking great. Two screen protectors are a better investment than the stress, panic and multi-hundred dollars of replacing your Galaxy S9's broken screen. It's smart to invest in the best Galaxy S9 case.

The Spigen NeoFlex 2-pack is the best choice for protecting your Galaxy S9's display curves. This option is best for protecting the curved display of your Galaxy S9, although it requires wet installation. This option is also compatible with most cases.