Boris Johnson unmasked as inept and uncaring | Letters

Boris Johnson visited Hexham hospital on 8 November. The website of Northumbria NHS foundation trust offers advice to those who wish to visit. (Boris Johnson was seen in hospital maskless as MP cases rise, 8/11). As a general rule, visitors should not exceed a maximum of three hours and must wear masks when entering the hospital.
Johnson and perhaps a large contingent of security and adviser personnel had to travel from London for Johnson's visit. Is there anything concrete that was learned or achieved during the visit? Was there anything so important that it required many people to walk around the hospital

It's difficult to find a better way to say it than "Wear a mask whenever you enter the hospital." It seems that the majority of voters would interpret it to mean that the statement applies not only to the act of entering the hospitals but also to the condition of being there and wearing a mask throughout your stay. What was the prime minister doing? Why was he not wearing masks for the duration of his visit to Canada? Even if he doesn't register, he is still in a hospital. All of the nurses and doctors are wearing masks. It is completely unintelligible behavior.

It makes me wonder what the loved ones of the dying, who can't visit their relatives, feel about these pictures.

Matthew Sears

Michaelchurch Escley, Herefordshire

Is it not time for the NHS to stop allowing our prime minster into its hospitals? My wife is now a year post-cancer surgery and is still receiving regular follow-up visits. Every visit she has to have a PCR test. She also needs to wear a standard medical mask. My wife and I are not permitted to enter the hospital together. Both of us are happy to comply with the rules. They are necessary for our safety.

Hospitals are now film sets where Boris Johnson stars and staff are cast as extras. The staff should protest that Johnson is allowed in to their hospitals and refuse to participate.

Name and address

What was the time before Thomas Eaton asked what links Kabul to Hexham and a refrigerator in his Saturday quiz?

Michael Woodgate