Maybe we should introduce Penny Sarver and Aaron Rodgers

Yesterday's display was a beautiful example of white people who aren't told what to do wrong for different reasons.


Aaron Rodgers was fined $14,650 by the NFL for violating the NFL COVID-19 policies by attending Halloween parties while unvaccinated. He had to return to his half-apology tour and show up again on Pat McAfee’s show -- in a Rise Of Skywalker shirt. This should have removed any doubts that his brain had dripped out long ago. Then he tried to escape all this with the closer "I'm no activist, I just an athlete." This didn't go along with his Monday rants, in which he was not so reluctant to call himself a martyr/messiah. You are generally an activist if you quote Martin Luther King in the right setting or in a horribly wrong one like Rodgers. You are acting for a cause, regardless of how dangerous, pointless or lost.

Rodgers is now trailing Penny Sarver on the cycle of entitlement. Penny Sarver is the wife of Suns owner Robert Sarver. The latter has been exposed as a world-class douchecanoe. Mrs. Sarver was the one who answered the question "What if a Webster’s worthy definition Karen came to life?" She apparently emailed three former employees about the terrible things Sarver had said and done. These types have a tendency to send messages that range from misplaced victimhood and threats to the other. This is a fascinating double-play. The psychological double-joint of feeling attacked and attacking is dizzying.

Sarver's Mt. The highlight of Sarver's communiques from Mt. Given the value of the Sarvers, I assume Robert shares his wealth. But Penny has a complaint. They're going to be fine regardless.

What about the families of Suns employees who had to quit their jobs? It's not like they paid the same as owning them. It's probably just a little more difficult than Penny.

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Penny Sarver, Rodgers and others have proven that not having a lot money does not equate with having an IQ higher than a slug. It also protects them from being told about their slug intelligence. These fucksticks didn't think anyone would say anything negative about them. If anyone did, it was simply because they were "haters" jealous of a life that almost everyone won't know. They could not be wrong. They are wealthy, and money is worth everything in these parts.

Let's face facts: Mrs. Sarver is the perfect partner to Rodgers. Penny would be happy to listen to Rodgers’ former Dead Head, now an investment firm exec, who is trying to get high for only the second time in a decade of rantings. Penny can reassure Rodgers that he is on to something with his latest theory about NASA mining Mars fluoride for water supply. It's like a match made in Heaven.