Eddie Howe: Newcastle a perfect fit for me, says new boss

I'm a better manager now than I was. - Newcastle boss Howe
After taking over as Newcastle manager on Monday, Eddie Howe said that the club were a "perfect match" for him.

Howe has been out of management since August 2020, when he was relegated to Bournemouth.

Newcastle is currently 19th in the table, five points away from safety after 11 matches. However, Howe is optimistic that he can turn this around if his players believe in his ideas.

During his first news conference, Howe stated that "Everything just felt right."

"The club has a huge pull because of its size, history and new ambitions. It was the perfect match for me.

Eddie Howe joined Newcastle on a term contract through 2024

The "ambitious Plans" refers to the follow-up of the PS305m Saudi Arabian-backed Takeover by the Public Investment Fund. The 43-year old was also asked about his human rights history.

"This was a football decision for me. He said that he was delighted to be Newcastle's manager. "I will repeat myself, it's about football and that's all I'll be concerned with," he said.

Howe said he was "honoured and privileged" for the job. He also pledged to play "brave and attacking football" with his new team.

He said, "The game is always all about how many you commit one way or another."

"You can see that my Bournemouth teams tried to be aggressive and on the front foot. I'm not going to do anything I haven’t done before.

"I believe that you will see positive changes over time in our football. I want to play football that excites and entertains, and that is what Newcastle fans are looking for."

Howe previously managed Bournemouth, Burnley and other locations.

He also said that he understood the pressure Newcastle will face to save it from relegation. He added that during his first stint as Bournemouth manager, "the existence of Bournemouth was at risk if we failed."

"The task ahead of us is enormous. It's a difficult task. I'm under no illusion. He said that December is a difficult month for fixture lists.

"All we can accomplish is to look out at the horizon and win the next game. Then, we can prepare for the next one."

"There is no magic bullet. It will take hard work to get the desired results in players quickly. Their performance so far has been tremendous. That will be our goal.

Howe confirmed that his backroom staff would be Jason Tindall and Stephen Purches, Simon Weatherstone, Simon Weatherstone, and Dan Hodges. Graeme Jones will remain part of the team.

He said that their initial focus will be on the "very short-term" and that they need to plan for the January transfer window.

Howe stated, "There are long-term perspectives to what we do but I know that with this job at the moment I would be foolish to lose my eyesight on what is right in front of me."