Android users get another app-based Google TV remote option

Google Home Android has been updated to include a built-in remote control for Android TV, Google TV and other devices such as the Nvidia Shield. 9to5Google discovered the feature and it is an excellent option for those who lose or misplace their remote controls. You can use this feature by going to the Google Home page for the device you wish to control and then clicking "Open remote" at the bottom of the page.
The Google Home remote feature is currently only available for Android, but it will be made available to iOS users in the future. Android users have the option to use a similar remote control via the Google TV app, as well as a quick setting remote tile. iOS users don't have access to the same convenience features. Google has yet to reveal when the new Google Home remote feature for iOS will be available.

Navigation is done by swiping across the large touchpad interface instead of tapping on a D/pad. There are buttons below to duplicate a physical remote's home, back, or shortcut buttons. A button can be used to turn on or off a TV. We also saw volume and mutes buttons when we used the remote to control an Android TV-based projector. A keyboard also automatically appears when you are asked to enter your login credentials.

This will not be revolutionary for Android users but it is a positive sign for iOS users once the functionality arrives in Google Home’s iOS app.