Tyson Fury: WBC heavyweight champion 'badly injured' before Deontay Wilder fight, says his father

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Deontay Wilder was knocked down three times by Tyson Fury during their October trilogy fight.

According to John Fury, the father of Tyson Fury, Tyson Fury is now having surgery on his elbows. He suffered a serious injury in his first win over Deontay wilder as world heavyweight champion.

Tyson, 33 years old, won a thrilling 11th round victory over the American to reclaim his WBC title in Las Vegas in October.

John Fury, BT Sport's Managing Editor, stated that Tyson had been very injured before he entered the fight.

"He was disabled from the beginning. "It wasn't a boxing match, was it?"

Tyson was twice knocked out in the fourth round, before Wilder defeated him in a fierce battle to remain undefeated as world champion.

His father said, "My son's number 1, a legend and will continue to be talked about for hundreds of decades." He's so good, and he has a burning desire to win.

"He needed chromosome injections in both his elbows. After the operation, he spent six hours in hospital getting them fixed. He needed to have some bone spurs removed.

He said that he couldn't box and couldn't use the jab. It would have put me in limp mode, and I wouldn’t have been able fight if I had missed the jab.

"The pain of throwing the jab was so unbearable that I was fighting two people: my body and his. We could only make it a battle and I wanted to win more than him'.

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury were drawn in their fight in December 2018. They won in seven rounds of the rematch in February 2020, while Deontay was victorious in October.

"Tyson will fight when he turns 40"

Fury has won 31 of 32 fights and drawn one - the draw was in Fury's first fight with Wilder, before Wilder won the second and third. Fury's father is against him fighting again.

John Fury added, "I said retire." John Fury added, "He has won everything and nothing to prove, he has millions of pounds in his bank account, he is secure for life, there's more than just getting your brain rattled."

"But he is his own man, and he will do what he wants to do but I told him to call it [over]

"He beat the greatest man of his time three times. What more can he do?"

Tyson will spend two-months at home, and he'll miss the smell of leather and sweat. He will fight when he turns 40. It's his natural instinct as a pitbull terrier.

"He could beat Whyte or Usyk in the same night."

Ukrainian Oleksandr Uzyk defeated Anthony Joshua in Britain to win the WBA and IBF belts. Dillian Whyte is the mandatory challenger for Fury's WBC title.

John Fury, however, believes that none of them can beat his son. He added: "There will always be someone like Usyk and then there'll be another." Tyson is the man Usyk would do anything for.

"Joshua, Dillian Whyte, is a defeated thing. But he is not in the same class as my son. No-one is. Tyson is a country mile ahead of everyone else, and he wasn't fit.

"He had Covid in July, had two useless elbows and couldn't throw a jab properly. They couldn't even do anything with a half fit man.

Imagine Tyson firing on all cylinders. With a proper camp behind him, he could beat Whyte or Usyk in the same night."

Oleksandr Usyk (left), won a unanimous points victory over Anthony Joshua at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, September

Joshua's defeat ended all hopes of an all-British bout to determine the first undisputed heavyweight champion after Lennox Lewis 2000.

Tyson offered to train Joshua in preparation for his fight with Usyk in spring 2022.

John Fury said that Tyson could make Joshua a better fighter.

Joshua can punch, he has the right physique and everything it takes to be a great. He just needs to learn the trench warfare techniques and get the knowledge he needs.

It's mental for Joshua one million percent. He can't get back on his feet if things don't go according to plan.

"AJ, with the right people surrounding him, can come back to win [against Usyk]. Because he's a big boy, got a lot of boxing skills. All he needs is a dog in his stomach and know how fight."

"Tommy should beat Jake Paul"

Tommy Fury, a light-heavyweight boxer, has been a professional since 2018, winning seven of his fights

Tyson's halfbrother Tommy will take on YouTuber and boxer Jake Paul in Florida, 18 December.

His father said, "He should beat Jake Paul at the canter, and if that's not possible there's no boxing for him."

"It's an important fight for both, but Tommy would feel it more as a professional boxer.

"Has Tommy got enough skill to beat him?" Yes. Is he able to take him out? Yes. However, Tommy must be able to handle the occasion.

"Tyson will always be there for Tommy and will fulfill any desire Tommy may have.

Tommy is the only thing that can defeat Tommy. I want Tommy to win, an explosive finish. Then we can move on to Logan [Paul].