Chef Curry dropped buckets and hurt feelings with his 50-point demolition of the Atlanta Hawks Monday night

Stephen Curry was in Atlanta on Monday night for one of those nights at Chase Center against the Hawks. It's one of those nights when you start out hot and then get hotter and hotter as you watch the game flow along until you see 50 fools. Yes, that's me too. Curry was just 33 years old when he played against the Hawks. He became the oldest player in NBA history to record a 50-10 win, surpassing Wilt Chamberlain who did it at 31. Candace Parker, a two-time WNBA champion who is also a CBS/TNT analyst called Curry's shot before he did it.

Curry was just three rebounds away from a triple-double, and this made it even more extraordinary. Steph has set a new record by scoring his fourth 50-point game when he is 32 years old or older. With five, only Michael Jordan has more.

Curry was so vengeful against the Hawks, that opposing broadcasters were furious at Curry's plans to go for the big 5-0. Bob Rathbun, Atlanta's play by-play announcer, took offense to Curry trying to get the 50th point in a game that they were leading by more than 20 points. Dominique Wilkins, Hawks legend, tried to offer a player's point of view but Rathbun was not trying to hear it.

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It is incredible to see how many grown-up men can get so upset over something like Drake. Russell Westbrook was recently upset with Darius Bazley, OKC Thunder's point guard, for taking a dunk in the final 1.5 seconds of a game OKC clearly had in their hands. The Hawks shouldn't have allowed Steph to drop 50 on their domes. They should have found a way for Steph to slow down or stop him. Rathbun's tirade was pitiful and bush league. Every player on that court plays like a professional. Curry put the Hawks through a lot, and they were glad to see them defend.

Curry's Warriors are taking their pound out of the league in the early part of the season. Curry's abilities have been questioned by many, as they've heard all about it. All those receipts were stashed in the underwear drawer. Now, the Warriors (9-1) have pulled them out and are cashing in on everyone's egos around the NBA.


Steph had a great night, but that's not the end of the story. After two years of uncertainty and injuries, the Warriors are determined to return to the top. They currently hold the best record in NBA. It looks like Golden State is on its way. This is amazing. It is truly amazing.