Ohio State slides into College Football Playoff's top four, joining Georgia, Alabama and Oregon

The No. 4 spot in college football is held by Oregon. 3 and Ohio State at Number. 4 but Michigan State drops down to No. 7 after Purdue's loss. (2:31).
What happens if every College Football Playoff hopeful except for the No. What happens when every College Football Playoff contender except the No.

It doesn't matter much when it comes down to CFP selection committee ranking.

The Georgia Bulldogs, undefeated, remained at No. The undefeated Georgia Bulldogs remained No. 1 in Tuesday's second edition of the rankings. They were followed by No. 2 Alabama, who survived a 20-14 defeat against LSU at its home. Georgia, which defeated Missouri 43-6 at home to improve its record to 9-0 at the time, will play at Tennessee on Saturday.

College Football Playoff rankings -- Nov. 9, Record 1. Georgia 9-0 2. Alabama 8-1 3. Oregon 8-1 4. Ohio State 8-1 5. Cincinnati 9-0 6. Michigan 8-1 7. Michigan State 8-1 8. Oklahoma 9-0 9. Notre Dame 8-1 10. Oklahoma State 8-1 11. Texas A&M 7-2 12. Wake Forest 8-1 13. Baylor 7-2 14. BYU 8-2 15 Ole Miss 7-2 16 NC State 7-2 17. Auburn 6-3 18. Wisconsin 6-3 19. Purdue 6-3 20. Iowa 7-2 21. Pittsburgh 7-2 22. San Diego State 8-1 23. UTSA 9-01 24. Utah 6-3 25. Arkansas 6-3

Michigan State, the only team in the top five from a week earlier, lost on Saturday to Purdue 40-29. The Spartans lost to No. 7 so the three other top-six teams moved up one spot in the initial rankings. Oregon is No. 3 Ohio State is No. 4, and Cincinnati is No. 5.Michigan is Number. 6.Michigan is No. Oklahoma, which was not active last week, remained at No. 8 followed by No. 8 followed by No. 10 Oklahoma State.

The chairman of the committee Gary Barta, Iowa's athletic director, stated that deciding whether the Wolverines or Spartans should be ranked higher was one the longest debates this week.

Barta stated that "a week ago, it had been discussed that Michigan might have the better team; offensively and defensively, all statistics Michigan is ahead Michigan State," Barta told the ESPN rankings show. "But the committee gave Michigan State the nod. They beat Michigan head to head and were undefeated. A week later, what's the difference? Michigan State won, Michigan State lost. The room was full of discussion, but we all agreed that Michigan was the better team.

"Stay tuned. We get to see again next week."

There is still one month before the final rankings will be released on Dec. 5. However, there are significant factors in a team’s current position. 24 of the 28 teams that were selected in the CFP's previous editions were among the top six in the committee's rankings at this stage of the season. According to ESPN Stats & Information research, only Ohio State, Oklahoma, Michigan State and Michigan State were in the top six. With five weeks remaining, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, and Michigan State were still in the top four.

The eventual champion of the nation was actually ranked in the top 2 in the CFP Top-25 releases in each of the six previous seasons.

None of the top CFP contenders was particularly impressive last week, except for Georgia. Inclement weather saw the Ducks win 26-16 at Washington, while the Buckeyes beat Nebraska 26-17. The selection committee still considers Oregon's win over Ohio State, 35-28, on Sept. 11, significant.

The Bearcats are the highest-ranked team in a Group of Five conference, having needed two goal-line stands to win a 28-20 victory over Tulsa on Saturday. Although Cincinnati had hoped to finish in the top four, it has failed to defeat lesser opponents in its three previous games. Its CFP chances are also being affected by the conference's overall strength -- it hasn't had another AAC placed in the top 25 for the second consecutive week.

No. 21 Pitt moved up four places, and No. 11 Texas A&M, and No. Each NC State jumped three places. Michigan State was also No. 17 Auburn dropped four spots, while No. Twelve Wake Forest lost three spots.

No. 19 Purdue, No. 23 UTSA No. 24 Utah and No. 25 Arkansas is new to the rankings. Mississippi State, Kentucky and Minnesota were also added.