Weta's Moviemaking VFX Tools Are Being Sold for $1.625 Billion

Unity, a game development platform, has purchased Weta Digital's technology division, one of the largest VFX studios in moviemaking. This acquisition will allow creators from outside the company to access the tools that created the effects in some the most famous movies.


Variety reports that Weta Digital's acquisition of Weta Digital, which is co-owned by Peter Jackson, producer Fran Walsh and CEO Prem Karaju, will give Unity the Weta Digital suite of VFX technology and tools, as well the 275 engineers within the studio's technology department. Jackson and Akkaraju will retain majority ownership of Weta Digital's animation and FX employees. The standalone business will be called WetaFX.

Unity will be able license Weta’s digital tools to other creators, in multiple industries. This means that they can now make them available to anyone outside of Weta. The tools will be available as a subscription service via the cloud. Unity believes that greater access to the digital tools that were used in the creation of Avatar, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Game of Thrones, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers Endgame and Game of Thrones will enable creators to prepare to create "real-time 3D content" for the metaverse.

Jackson stated that "Weta Digital's tool set gave us endless possibilities to bring to life the worlds, creatures and places we imagined." He also provided a statement to the trade. Unity and Weta Digital together can provide a path for artists from all industries to access these powerful and creative tools. Unity can help aspiring artists access Weta Digital's technology. This will make a huge difference in their lives.

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