Malala Yousafzai Reveals She Got Married With Stunning Wedding Photos

Malala Yousafzai, a human rights and education activist, has announced that she is now married. She shared stunning photos from her wedding day.
After surviving a Taliban attack in Pakistan at age 15, the 24-year-old now lives in Britain. She also shared photos of her and Asser on social media Tuesday.

She wrote, "Today marks the most precious day of my life." "Asser, I got married to be my partner in life. We had a small nikkah celebration at our Birmingham home with our families. We ask for your prayers. We look forward to walking together on the journey ahead.

Today is a special day in my life.

Asser and me were married to be our partners for the rest of our lives. We had a small nikkah celebration at our Birmingham home with our families. We appreciate your prayers. We are eager to share the journey together.

: -- Malala (@Malala) November 9, 2021

Yousafzai's father is seen in the photo with her and her mother.

"Toor Pekai" and "I are overwhelmed with joy, gratitude," he wrote to his wife. He also added "Alhamdulillah," an Arabic word that means "praise God," in Arabic.

In June, Yousafzai told British Vogue that she was not sure if she would get married.

"I don't get why people are required to marry. She said that if you want to have someone in your life, why must you sign marriage papers. However, she later acknowledged that people change and grow.

Yousafzai has just completed his degree in philosophy, politics, and economics at Oxford. The union is the latest milestone.

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She was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014, for her advocacy for all children's rights to an education. Her autobiography "I Am Malala," was published in 2013. It became an international bestseller.

After speaking out against the Taliban's suppression and oppression of women and girls, Yousafzai was able to survive an assassination attempt in 2012. The Taliban militants shot her twice as she was riding on a school bus. But she miraculously survived and continued her activism.

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