Astroworld Venue's Liability Insurance Policy Totals $26 Million to Cover Lawsuits

NRG Park, the venue that hosted the disastrous Astroworld festival, has an insurance policy of $26 million... not nearly enough to cover the costs of the injured or the families of the deceased.
TMZ obtained the Certificate of Liability Insurance... a document filed with the City of Houston. For such events, proof of insurance is required.

This policy covers $1 million of primary coverage and a $25,000,000 umbrella. Damages could reach into the hundreds of millions with 8 deaths and more than 300 injuries.

NRG would be responsible if the policy does not cover judgments.

It is possible that NRG may have additional coverage. However, the documents don't support this possibility.

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Although we don't know the details of Travis Scott or Live Nation's insurance policies, it is certain that they have some coverage. It doesn't matter what it covers, though it does not cover the huge judgments that may be coming. The policies will only cover the amount of money that Travis and other companies can spend on judgments for the victims and their families. However, Travis and other companies would have to pay the rest.

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The policies were not flawed, but no one could have predicted the magnitude of the disaster.