iOS 15.2 Adds Option to Scan for Nearby AirTags and Find My-Enabled Items

Apple's iOS 15.2 beta was released today. Apple has made improvements to the Find My app. A new feature allows users to scan AirTags and Find My-enabled items for tracking.

After installing the beta, open the Find My App and go to the "Items” tab. There's an "Items that Can Track Me" option. This allows users to locate nearby items that could be used to track them.

The Unknown Items feature detects any items nearby and alerts users if it is. Apple will provide instructions for disabling an item that is detected to prevent it from being used for tracking purposes.

Apple offers a "Help Return Lost Items", which is identical to the "Identify Found Item" option. The Help Return Lost Items feature will launch a scan to locate nearby devices. It will then provide instructions on how you can contact the owner of the device, along with personalized instructions based on the particular device.

AirTags and items that integrate with Find My integration can be used to track lost devices. However, there are concerns that AirTags could be used to stalk people. Apple has taken several safety precautions to prevent people from being stalked by AirTags or other devices.

AirTags can play a sound for between 8 and 24 hours after they are separated from their owner. iPhone users will be notified if an AirTag is travelling with them. Apple is developing an Android app to detect unknown AirTags and Find My Network-enabled items. This will prevent AirTags being used to stalk Android users.