Discord fans are worried NFTs might be on the way

Social media went wild after a Discord survey asking users their opinions on NFTs was posted. People speculated about whether Discord would become the latest participant in the NFT scam rush / gold rush.
It isn't... yet.

This image is taken from an August 2018 survey. The survey includes questions about participants' knowledge of NFTs as well as Web3 meanings. It also asks questions about their favorite Discord communities, and any crypto-related problems Discord could solve. A spokesperson for Discord stated that the survey was a fact-finding exercise, and was targeted at users who are active in cryptocurrency communities on Discord.

A spokesperson for Discord told The Verge that they are always looking at and hacking to improve Discord for all communities. "This includes conducting research to learn more about the needs of people."

There will not be any wumpus-themed NFTs coming to a Discord server near me anytime soon. However, users posted screenshots of their cancelled Nitro subscriptions to show that Discord may be trying to get into the NFT waters.

Although Discord hasn't yet created its own NFT, it seems there is a possibility that it may be thinking or planning to integrate other blockchain technologies. Discord CEO Jason Citron tweeted a response to Substack's blog post about Discord's potential for NFT/Web3 powerhouse status. It featured an image of what appears to be a Discord/crypto wallet integration.

This image was taken from an internal hackfest project. It is not indicative of a product in development. However, Discord would not be the first gaming company or gaming-adjacent to join the bizarre blockchain.

Blockchain video games are already very popular. It seems that every day, a new gaming company, such as Square Enix, Ubisoft, or EA, announces its involvement in cryptos.

Your finger may have been hovering above the "cancel Nitro” button, based on the belief that Discord NFT/blockchain integration was in development. You can relax, but not too much. Discord didn't respond to questions regarding whether it would offer future cryto-based products.