Wanna Be Completely Horrified? Here’s an MRI of What Happens When You Rub Your Eyes

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Allergy sufferers should be aware that you should stop rubbing your eyes.

Daniel Gatinel is an ophthalmologist who heads the anterior and refractive surgical department at the Rothschild Foundation. He took an MRI of a patient rubbing their eyes in order to determine if this might have caused certain eye conditions. It was shocking.

The video was first released in 2019, but it is still going viral today.

*Psst* Hey kid! Wanna see an MRI showing what happens when your eye is rubbed? pic.twitter.com/vn07gPmBdZ -- Tny H Tran (@TonyHoWasHere) November 9, 2021



It's true. It's a remarkable and delicate achievement of billions of generations of evolution that your eyeballs rub together to form a sort of disgusting squishy texture in your skull.

The worst? It's not just ugly. It is actually harmful for your health.

Gatinel was conducting research on how eye rubbing affects overall eye health. The MRI was taken for this purpose. His team found that it may have more severe effects than they had previously thought. They believe it may be the cause of "keratoconus," which causes the cornea's bulging outward.

Gatinel stated in the description of the YouTube video of dynamic MRI, "For the first-time, dynamic MRI objectivates eye rubbing on cornea and adjacent orbital structure," This material is another proof that excessive eye rubbing can cause keratoconus and other ocular conditions.



Gatinel's findings were supported by a review of 24 studies that looked into the link between eye rubbing and keratoconus. This review confirmed that eye rubbing can cause "the thinning of the keratocyte," which could lead to the condition.

Keratoconus is a serious condition that can cause severe symptoms. Johns Hopkins Medicine recommends taking preventative measures to minimize the severity. It can cause blurred vision, sensitivity to light and can lead to cornea transplants which can be dangerous and costly.

What should you do if your eyes are itching? The best thing to do is treat the cause, not the symptoms. You can use doctor-recommended eye drops or avoid contact lenses.

If you feel the need to rub, remember this MRI nightmare.



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