Trump makes — and loses — overnight bid to block Jan. 6 investigators

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Binnall warned Chutkan as well that if she doesn't decide on Trump's request by Wednesday, he will immediately go to the appeals court to ask it to intervene. He also noted that Thursday was Veterans Day, and that the National Archives will send Trump's papers directly to Congress at 6 pm Friday.

Binnall wrote that "this case should be resolved after thorough but expeditious consideration pursuant America's judicial reviewing process, both before and on appeal, and not by a race against time."

Legal experts were baffled by the request, as they said that judges are not able to block rulings they haven’t yet issued. They pointed out that Chutkan is already working on an urgent timeline for Trump's original request. It was also odd for Trump to threaten to go before Chutkan's decision.

In a brief overnight decision, Chutkan stated that she would review Binnall's request to stay her case after she has issued her ruling. She reiterated that her ruling would be "expeditiously" but noted federal rules allow for a stay only "while an appeal is in progress," and not before.