Jeff Bezos Mad That Girlfriend Is Thirsting for Leonardo DiCaprio

"Leo, come here, I want you to see something ..."
He's jelly

Jeff Bezos, a billionaire, may have a sense for humor.

Bezos took a picture of himself holding a sign at the cliffside warning of a "fatal fall" and responding to Lauren Sanchez, Amazon founder and Blue Origin founder, in response to a viral video showing Sanchez and DiCaprio getting cozy with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Bezos added DiCaprio to his tag and said, in syntax that's an odd mix of dad humor and clueless billionaire and perhaps an interest in playing the most dangerous game: "Leo come over here, let me show you something ..."



Wealth Sacks

Barstool Sports, the source of the joke that Bezos quoted-tweeted with the clip of DiCaprio hugging DiCaprio's girlfriend, was once more cancelled this week. Its "presidente", Dave Portnoy, was accused by several former partners of sexual assault.

The tweet was a joke, or a big picture? Threat? Another attempt to make it relatable

At Bezos' level of demigodlike, star-system-colonizing wealth, we'll probably never know.

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