Netflix's Live-Action Gundam Movie First Look

Legendary Pictures and Sunrise have been working together for more than three decades to create a live-action movie about Mobile Suit Gundam. This is the iconic franchise that created the huge robot anime that all others are shadowed by. We have today our first glimpse at Netflix's film, a single piece of concept art. It's likely not what you expected.


The image above shows a Gundam running away from a huge conflagration, just like every action star. This is the VFX wizardry at Industrial Light and Magic.

We knew the film would be directed and produced by Jordan Vogt Roberts from Kong: Skull Island. He's currently onboard to direct the live action movie adaptation of Metal Gear Solid. Legendary Pictures is producing the movie. They also produced Skull Island and several Godzilla films. The studio has a lot of success with movies starring giants. Brian K. Vaughan wrote the script for the movie, which is even better. He's also the author of the Saga comic. There's every reason Gundam's second foray into live action will be very successful.

That giant robot looks a lot like Nic Cage running away from an explosion or one of many action stars who have savagely walked away at the sight of huge destruction. It is strange because it seems to be celebrating the awesomeness of war, even though the original Mobile Suit Gundam was so focused on the trauma that war inflicts upon people, particularly Amuro Ray, the teenage pilot who accidentally becomes part of the Gundam's war between Earth and Space-bound Principality Of Zeon. It's only one image and it looks great. It's okay if it looks a little off-brand at first glance. We have plenty of time to watch more live-action Gundam movies on Netflix, even though there is no release date.

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