QAnon believers who flocked to Dallas to see JFK Jr. reappear are refusing to leave, saying they want to set up a permanent HQ there

At a Trump campaign rally, a "Q" sign was displayed. AP Photo/Matt Rourke
Last Tuesday, QAnon supporters gathered at Dallas in the belief that JFK Jr. would appear.

In a Telegram post, the leader of the group called Dallas their "promised country"

On Saturday, dozens of them were seen making the huge "Q" shape in the city.

Vice News reported that a group of QAnon supporters gathered in Dallas last week to watch John F. Kennedy Jr. - who died in 1999 – reappear. They are refusing leave the city and may consider setting up a permanent base.

Steven Monacelli, a freelance journalist, captured images of dozens of supporters gathered in Dealey Plaza on Saturday - the spot where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 - for the second consecutive time in just two weeks.

One photo showed the followers of an online conspiracy theory creating the shape of a huge "Q"

It appeared that the group was smaller than the hundreds of people who had gathered at Dealey Plaza November 2nd to see Kennedy Jr. return from the dead and announce his candidacy for the White House in 2024 together with former President Donald Trump.

Kennedy Jr. was killed in 1999 in a plane accident with Kennedy Jr. and his sister. Kennedy Jr. did not make a comeback on the weekend or November 2.

Vice News reported that Kennedy Jr. was not there and some QAnon supporters who had traveled from other parts to Dallas decided to extend their stay at Hyatt Regency Dallas.

This is partly due to Michael Brian Protzman (a prominent QAnon supporter) saying on Telegram that Dallas is the group's "promised country," Vice News reported citing an audio message.

Vice News reported that Protzman went by the name Negative48 on Telegram and that a QAnon rapper called Pryme Minister - realname Randell Moody – offered to use a property in the area as a permanent headquarters.

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Insider reached out to Protzman but he did not immediately reply.

QAnon, a right-wing conspiracy theory of fiction that claims Trump is fighting a "deep State" cabal made up of human traffickers, is called a QAnon.

The group's founder or leader has not been chosen. Vice News reports that Protzman has established a cult in the QAnon movement. His followers refer to him, "a godlike figure."

Vice News reported that Kennedy Jr. now uses Telegram's large audience to spread mythology and convince many that Trump is the Archangel Mike.

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