Jeff Bezos jokes about pushing Leonardo DiCaprio off a cliff (?) in bizarre shirtless tweet

It turns out that money does not buy confidence.
Jeff Bezos, an internationally known rich man, showed a surprising thin skin Monday while making an odd joke at Leonardo DiCaprio. It seems that Bezos wants DiCaprio to be on the edge of a dangerous cliff.

This revelation was made public by a tweet from the billionaire. It was in response to a tweet that Lauren Sanchez, Bezos’ girlfriend, posted about DiCaprio and Lauren Sanchez.

This, it seems, is a crime too serious for the well-known photo-op fan.

Bezos said, "Leo, come here, I want you to see something ..."." The request was accompanied by a photo of Bezos, a shirtless billionaire who stood menacingly behind a sign that read "Danger!" Steep Cliff Fatal Fall

Yes, DiCaprio was tagged by Bezos on Twitter.

While much could be written about Bezos tweeting Barstool Sports, we can agree on the overall sadness of the exchange and leave it at that.

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DiCaprio's Twitter account, which focuses mainly on climate change and has not yet responded to Bezos at the time this article was written.