Sarah Jessica Parker reveals she kept 'every single solitary thing' from 'Sex and the City' in her own storage: 'Furniture, clothes, everything'

Sarah Jessica Parker portrays Carrie in "Sex and the City." HBOgo
Sarah Jessica Parker stored furniture and costumes from "Sex and the City", in her personal storage.

You will also receive all Carrie's Vogue magazines, including bedazzled underwear and fur coats.

This was all very useful when Carrie recreated her bedroom for "And Just Like That."

Sarah Jessica Parker said she has been keeping a bit, or perhaps a lot, of Carrie Bradshaw's since the 2004 end of "Sex and the City".

Parker played Carrie on six seasons of the HBO series. The show was followed by two movies, "Sex and the City 2", (2008) and "Sex and the City 2," (2010). Along with Cynthia Nixon (Miranda), and Kristin Davies (Charlotte), she'll be reprising her role in HBO Max's sequel series "And Just Like That".

Vogue's December cover article, published Sunday, revealed that Parker kept furniture and outfits from the show in storage long before the original series ceased airing in 2004.

"All of the original stuff was in my storage. She told the magazine that furniture, clothes, and everything else were packed according to each episode and scene. "I kept every single thing."

These include the designer underwear Carrie wore as she walked down the runway in season 4, a fur coat from season 3, and all of Carrie’s Vogue magazines.

"Here are the Hangisis Big gave Carrie; the sandals Aidan chewed on; and the black pumps she wore at the Vogue Fashion Closet Parker," she said when she gave Naomi Fry a tour Carrie's one-bedroom apartment. It was rebuilt in Brooklyn's film studio for the new show.

Sparkling underwear and fur coat. HBO

Parker isn’t the only one who keeps her wardrobe and furniture from being lost after a show ends.

Shay Mitchell, the star of "Pretty Little Liars," previously revealed to Insider that Emily kept some of her clothes after the show ended in 2017.

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Mitchell said that he kept many bathing suits, sweatsuits and tracksuits. Mitchell added that he has a few sweaters.

She said, "That's stuff I will always treasure."

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