A pair of PS5 hacks could be the first steps towards jailbreaking Sony’s latest console

Hackers might have made big strides in jailbreaking the PlayStation 5 this weekend. Fail0verflow, a hacking group, claimed to have obtained PS5 root keys that would allow them to decrypt the firmware.
Andy Nguyen, a security engineer at Google, better known as theflow0, also managed to access the PS5 debug settings menu from a retail PS5 this weekend. Wololo.net spotted both exploits.

Another one bites the dust pic.twitter.com/Y1ty93AvaE -- fail0verflow (@fail0verflow) November 8, 2021

These exploits are notable because of the access they give to the PS5 software. Hackers could potentially decrypt firmware, which is possible using Fail0verflow keys, and further reverse engineer the PS5's software to create hacks that allow them to install Linux, emulators or pirated games on previous Sony consoles.

Sony will, presumably, do everything in its power to stop users from exploiting these vulnerabilities.

The two hacks won't make much difference for PS5 owners at the moment. There is no PS5 jailbreak today. Neither Fail0verflow nor Nguyen have made public the details of their hacks. It's unclear if they will ever. Nguyen already stated that he does not plan to disclose his hack. Wololo.net points out that Fail0verflow delayed publishing the PS4 hacks until Sony fixed them, so it is possible that none of these hacks will result in any concrete changes in hacking.