Andrew Garfield on Playing Spider-Man, Ecological Collapse

This is honestly the best response you can get from a man who's tired of being asked if they're going to be in the Spider-Man movie next year.


Andrew Garfield spoke briefly to the Guardian about his career and his role as Peter Parker in Sony's second filmic reboot of Marvel's character for The Amazing Spider-Man. Garfield seemed to enjoy the open honesty and truth of being catapulted into the role of Peter Parker... as well as the hard lessons learned from working in the superhero blockbuster industry.

"I had my heart broken a little." Garfield explained that he went from being a naive child to growing up as he thought back to his role as Spider-Man in 2010. "How could you imagine that it would be such an amazing experience?" The ship is guided by millions of dollars. It was a huge awakening, and it hurt.

Garfield did not express any anger at Spider-Man, or the superheroes and their followers. His bite was reserved for the forces that have created both and how they have subsumed elements in fandom to make it less about the characters and more about loyalty to the capital and brand forces. San Diego Comic-Con is filled with mature men and women who still feel connected to the pure essence of the character. When you add market forces and test teams, the emphasis shifts from the heart of the comic to ensuring that we make as much as possible. I found that heartbreaking in all things of culture." He added: "Money has corrupted us all and lead to the horrible ecological collapse under which we are all about the to die."

It's obvious that it's this view that will make No Way Home very interesting, regardless of whether Garfield dances around the subject as much as rumored. Spider-Fans, it's clear that c apitalism is more sucky than Doc Ock and Green Goblin teaming together ever could.

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