Families And Lovers Reunite As U.S. Relaxes Covid Travel Restrictions

Visitors from over 30 countries were allowed to enter the United States Monday for the first time since 2001. The U.S. lifted most of its coronavirus travel restrictions and allowed for emotional reunions at border crossings and airports.

People cheer and snap photos as MaKensi Kastl meets her boyfriend, Thierry Coudassot. He arrived from France on Monday at Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark, N.J. ASSOCIATED PRS

The Key Facts

The United States announced last month that it would remove travel restrictions from visitors arriving from Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and most of Europe. To enter the U.S., international travelers must have been fully vaccinated. If they are not crossing by air, they will need to be tested for coronavirus. Airlines reported that they saw a rise in bookings for customers flying to the U.S. beginning Monday and continuing through the holiday season. This raises hopes that the U.S. will open its borders to allow tourism to recover, which has been severely affected by the pandemic.

After being separated by travel restrictions at Newark International Airport, a family is reunited. Getty Images via Anadolu Agency

As Natalia Abrahao and Mark Ogertsehnig greet each other at Newark Liberty International Airport, Mark lifts Natalia up. ASSOCIATED PRS

After being reunited at JFK International Airport, New York, members of the Erebara Family embrace one another. AFP via Getty Images

Jolly Dave calls her boyfriend after she arrives from India. ASSOCIATED PRNS

Traysi Spring (US-Canadian dual citizen) and Tom Bakken (American husband), hold a... [+] handmade sign to welcome Canadians who are heading to the U.S.A. in Blaine, Wash.

After flying from the Netherlands to Newark Liberty International Airport, Til Wagenaar met her son Joost Wagenaar. Til hasn't seen her son in 2 years and this will be her first chance to meet her grandchild of 1 year. ASSOCIATED PRINT

After arriving on a flight from Germany, Yerin Hong receives a hug from Soomin Kim. Getty Images

After arriving in New York on her first British Airways... [+] flight, Aysha Patel was reunited with her grandson. Getty Images

MaKensi Kastl looks at her boyfriend, Thierry Courdassot, after he arrived from France... [+] At Newark Liberty International Airport. ASSOCIATED PRS