Scott Frost, Nebraska Agree to Restructured Contract; HC Will Return for 2022 Season

AP Photo/Rebecca S. Gratz
After Monday's announcement of a restructuring contract, Scott Frost will be returning to Nebraska in 2022.

Frost's fourth consecutive losing season has left the Cornhuskers at 3-7.

Trev Alberts, director of athletics, stated in a statement that "we all recognize our record is not what anyone wants it" "It has been clear that I was looking for incremental progress and that I have seen it in many key areas this year," he said.

Nebraska is currently ranked 1-6 in Big Ten play and 10-23 in the four years since Frost assumed office in 2018.

Although the poor record may not reflect Nebraska's ability to this year, all seven losses were decided by single figures.

The team lost seven to Oklahoma, three each to Michigan State and three to Michigan, respectively. Nine to Ohio State was the winner. All four of their opponents are ranked within the Top 10 according to the most recent Associated Press poll. A few key plays could have made the difference between the current record or a winning season that saw multiple impressive wins.

Frost is back in Nebraska and the Nebraska Football Club is looking for its first bowl game since 2016.

A coach's contract may also play a major role. Sam McKewon, of the Omaha World-Herald, reported that Frost's original contract required a $20,000,000 buyout in the event of his firing. Although details have not been revealed, it is possible that the new contract will offer more team-friendly terms.

Frost could still use the pledge of confidence to build towards 2022. This will hopefully improve a recruiting class that ranks last in the Big Ten, and 71st nationally per 247Sports.