E-Bikes Are Absolutely Crushing Electric Cars in Sales

This could transform the way we see the future of commuters.
Sales Dominance

They are electric bikes that sell the most electric vehicles.

According to The New York Times, Americans purchased approximately half a million electric bikes in 2020. They bought 231,000 electric cars in the same period, which is a significant amount of money for infrastructure at a time when policymakers are struggling to figure out how to make sustainable transportation more affordable.

According to the NYT, the pandemic was one of the main drivers behind the boom in electric bikes. It boosted e-bike sales by 145 percent between 2019 and 2020. This is twice the traditional bike sales rate.

Josh Squire, the founder of Hopr bike-sharing service, stated that COVID propelled electric bikes forward for years.



Future of Commuting

This trend isn't slowing down either. According to Deloitte, approximately 130 million ebikes will be sold worldwide between 2020-2023.

E-bikes are being integrated into public transportation systems in major cities like New York City, Chicago, Charlotte, and elsewhere. A proposed piece of legislation by the US Senate would provide a tax credit for e-bike purchases, further encouraging alternative modes of transportation.

This could mean that electric bikes, not fossil-fuel-powered cars, are the future for urban commuting.

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