SpaceX Workers Spotted Doing Pullups Near Top of Mechazilla Tower

This is a great way to get in a good workout while enjoying a beautiful view.
Elon Reps

Several SpaceX workers were seen doing pullups from SpaceX's new Mechazilla. This is a great workout that offers a stunning view from approximately 400 feet above Texas.

SpaceX fan and broadcaster Lab Padre captured the engineers taking turns doing some reps. This could have been a way to keep morale up, get over a Monday blues or impress the team leader -- but we won't know.

It's unlikely that the little stunt will violate any workplace safety rules. OSHA may be contacted if the stunt is not approved. Space company's first orbital test launch of Starship rocket will take place in weeks.



Catching Rockets

Elon Musk calls it Mechazilla, and the tower is a massive structure that was built from the ground up to capture both SpaceX's Mars-bound Starship spacecraft as well as its Super Heavy booster.

Over the past few months, teams have made remarkable progress. Two specialized arms were installed to catch rockets like a pair chopsticks.

It is not yet clear when we will see it in action. Musk could launch the first orbital Starship rocket as early as next month, although the Federal Aviation Administration may delay matters.

Engineers will need to be able entertain themselves for the moment -- and they are certainly not struggling to do so.



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