Pets have no idea it's daylight savings time, and it's going to be a rough week

Sunday morning was daylight saving time. This meant that everyone set their clocks back one hour. It theoretically gave them an extra hour of sleep. As pet owners know, animals don’t observe daylight savings time.
Pets don't mind having their meals or walks an hour earlier than normal. Owners have been recording their hilarious reactions and documenting their pet's funny reactions to being fed and exercised an hour later than normal. These pets are not only relatable to pet owners; they show how we feel about daylight savings time.

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These are some of our favourite pet tweets and reactions.

1. Potato the bulldog

Potato waits impatiently at the door to go outside in this TikTok video by @potato.bulldog Potato's owner said, "Potato! It's not 5:30 yet." I'm sorry, you are confused. Even though I am aware that daylight savings is a ripoff, we must wait until the next hour. Isn’t that right?

Potato repeatedly presses the button to "go outside", eventually falling over and accepting defeat.

A video of a potato sitting quietly by the door has been viewed over 4 million times in less than 24 hours on TikTok.

2. You don't want that glare on your face.

3. Sir Snowball

This TikTok was posted by @sirsnowball. Snowball, a white cat, sits at his food bowl and stares down at his owner. His owner said, "You think it's morning, but it's not."

4. Poor doggos!

5. Magnum the boxer

@packmentality tweeted a video of Magnum, the boxer, staring at the camera. The sound is "wakey, awakey biatch" while the text says "On Sunday, the clocks will go back meaning an additional hour of sleep." You cannot have a dog unless you are a dog owner.

Hi Magnum. Credit: tiktok/packmentality

6. As they should

7. Drama

8. The "where is my meal?" Stare

9. An angry howl

This TikTok was posted by @corispruiell. Her husky howls are for food. She said, "I get it!" It's daylight savings time, which I don't understand why we have it.

10. Pet owners love the rest of the week!