Clubhouse rolls out Replay to let users record live rooms and share them later – TechCrunch

Today's clubhouse moderators and hosts will have a new tool in their arsenal. A new feature is being promoted by the company on its iOS and Android apps. It will allow creators to record an audio room, so anyone can catch up later. The feature was first announced by the company at the end September.
Replay allows public rooms to be recorded and saved to a club profile or other user profiles. Replays can also be downloaded so that any room host can share them externally beyond Clubhouse.

The best of live, but later! Replays are available and can be used for more than just recording. You can download audio from creators and listen to them on Clubhouse. live now on iOS & Android -- Clubhouse (@Clubhouse) November 8, 2021

Replay will now support pinned links. This feature was introduced by Clubhouse to allow moderators to place a relevant link at top of a room. A recorded room can be skipped to the next speaker at 1.5 or 2x speed. It can also be paused and made 30-second clips.

Clubhouse creators will be able to see who is listening after the live rooms end. This allows them to connect with others who have not listened to the experience in real-time. Clubhouse's search and discovery tools will show Replays starting next week. To give hosts better analytics about how many people have listened to a room, the company will also be introducing a "total rooms count" feature.

Clubhouse's replay feature makes it more appealing to people who don’t have the opportunity to catch live audio events. Anyone can use the app as a podcast discovery engine or more like a podcast search engine. Creators will be delighted to have the opportunity to share their best content with a wider audience long after the live rooms are over.