Las Vegas Raiders cut 2020 first-round CB Damon Arnette after video with death threats

HENDERSON (Nev.) -- After video of Arnette making threats to his life while holding firearms, the Las Vegas Raiders released Damon Arnette as their second-year cornerback. Arnette was a 2020 first-round selection.
Arnette, 25, was on injured reserve from Oct. 9. A Las Vegas car accident in October last year had also left Arnette on injured reserve.

In a conference call, Mike Mayock, Raiders general manger, stated that it was a difficult decision. We spent considerable time, effort, and resources trying to assist him in all aspects his life.

"There have been many bad decisions in the past year, but we can't accept the video of Damon holding a gun and threatening to endanger our lives. This content was unacceptable and incompatible with our values. Mark Davis, our owner, has been very clear that this is not how we want to conduct ourselves in this community. This behavior will not be tolerated by the Raiders, that is the bottom line.

Mayock said that he had spoken with Arnette, his dad, and other people in his life, and that "from my perspective, [he] is a very talented young person with a good heart." If he cleans up his life, I believe he will be able to make a living playing in the NFL. The Raiders are not the right place for him.

Surprise selection at No. Arnette was ranked 19th overall by Ohio State. She played in only 13 games with seven starts since last season. Arnette had three passes defended and 29 tackles.

Mayock admitted that there was some concern about Arnette's character when he graduated from college. However, the Raiders believed they could help him off the field. They also knew enough about the Ohio State coaching staff to be able to trust their advice and take on Arnette.

"At the time we thought it was a reasonable risk...after doing more research on Arnette that anyone else in the years I have been here. We were clearly wrong, and that's 100% on me.

Mayock was asked how young players are perceived in a city like Las Vegas. He said that there are always discussions about how a player "fits in" to a community.

"Can a child from a small country live in a large city? Or vice versa?" It is important to be aware that Vegas exists. My point is that you can find trouble in any city, large or small, in the United States. Our job is to find those kids who will overcome that."

In the wake of the fatal car accident that claimed the lives of Tina Tintor, 23-year-old Tina Tintor, and her dog, Henry Ruggs III was released by the Raiders. Ruggs is now facing felony DUI resulting death and reckless driving charges which could lead to a 46-year sentence.

Arnette and Ruggs were Raiders' first-round picks for 2020.

They also had three third round selections in running back Lynn Bowden Jr. who was traded away prior to the 2020 season started, receiver Bryan Edwards who is a starter but had not catches on the four targets Sunday in Las Vegas' 23-16 defeat at the New York Giants on Sunday, and linebacker Tanner Muse who spent his rookie year on IR before being waived.

The Raiders made two fourth-round selections in that year's fourth round: offensive lineman John Simpson, who was a starter at left guard, as well as cornerback Amik Robertson (who was a healthy scratch against Giants).

Mayock also confirmed that the Raiders had signed DeSean Jack, as the veteran wide receiver had indicated Sunday.

"He signed his contract a while back. He is a Raider. He is a Bay Area boy who went to Cal. Mayock stated that he told us in our Zoom call that he looked good in silver and black.