Matthew Stafford is still the same QB he was in Detroit

Matthew Stafford, we are back! Stafford must be very difficult to love. Stafford is a man who just when you think he's going along, nothing can stop him from laying a huge egg in a match that he should win. This almost reminds me of being a Dallas Cowboys supporter. So, I get it.


Stafford has shown us that success is not for everyone. We're already halfway through the season. Stafford and the Rams began the season with a 3-0 record. Then, they ran into the Arizona Cardinals. They were defeated 37-20. Stafford was not terrible against Arizona but the offense and Stafford didn't do enough to win the game.

The Cardinals took out the Rams' offense and outscored them 17-3 during the second quarter. This put the game beyond reach. This was after a big win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and defending champion Tom Brady.

The Rams are again flying high in Week 9 heading into Sunday's matchup against the Tennessee Titans. They were playing Los Angeles without Derrick Henry, their top offensive threat. This game seemed closer than it actually was due to the final score of 28-16. Stafford was unable to get the Rams going on offense and turned the ball over twice within Rams territory. One of Stafford's two interceptions went to the house for an easy pick-six. Stafford tried to avoid safety, but was sacked while doing a pirouette spin motion and throwing the ball into the hands of a Titans defender. Stafford was unable to win against the Titans defense. He couldn't get anything moving until the game was out of reach.

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This has been Stafford's knock-on effect for many years and it's still going strong in Los Angeles. He's great for a while and can lift your spirits just enough to play. He will let you down like an inflatable balloon. Jared Goff could have been kept by the Rams for such a performance in big games. A second divisional round exit in the playoffs will not suffice. Stafford will be held responsible for anything less than a NFC championship appearance.


Perhaps Stafford's talent isn't important. He may find the bright lights too much. Stafford is currently 2-2 against the winning teams. Stafford's record of playing in winning teams was 2-16 over his three seasons as the Detroit Lions' QB. You can argue that it was with the Lions. We're still seeing the same trend even though he plays with a better team. While the jersey might change, the player is usually the same.

Stafford must change the narrative about his career by doing it when it matters. It's impossible to do it against stronger competition or teams that win more often. It's also important to get it done in the playoffs, where he is currently 0-3. Matthew Stafford is still the man we believed he was. And beating up on teams such as the Giants, Lions and Texans won't change this perception.