Apple says App Store won’t close to developers over holidays, as in previous years – TechCrunch

Apple has stated that it will not close down the App Store to submissions during the holidays like it did in past years. Developers who fear they won't be able to release critical updates or bug fixes during the busiest season for apps will welcome this policy change. Customers unwrap new iPhones or other Apple devices as gifts and look for new apps to download and install. Consumers look for new apps and games during the last months of the year, due to the prolonged downtime at work. This drives App Store usage up in the fourth quarter.
Apple's App store Connect service would normally close completely for the holidays. This would mean that developers would need to hurry to submit their most important app updates prior to the year-end shutdown. Apple claims it will be operational through the holidays this year, but notes that reviews may take longer between November 24 and 28 and December 23 to 27.

This change comes as Apple is facing increased regulatory scrutiny globally over its AppStore business model. It requires developers to pay Apple a commission for paid app downloads, subscriptions, and in-app purchases. Apple might not want to give critics and lawmakers more ammunition by closing its App Store submission platform. This is because it charges fees to its developer community.

The company could also have realized that holiday traffic is the most difficult time of year to close down shop and therefore has taken steps to address the issue.

Apple has not provided details about how it might reduce staffing during the holiday period, whether it is relying more on contractors during that time, or any other aspects of its internal business operations decisions. Apple was not available for comment when we asked.