Thanks for volunteering as tribute, Aaron Rodgers

Terry Bradshaw, FOX analyst, let Aaron Rodgers take it from Terry Bradshaw on Sunday as he lied about having been vaccinated against COVID in August.

Terry Bradshaw was the voice of reason in the COVID vaccine debate. Turn in your bingo card. You just won 2021

Many media people have used terms like "misled", "misinformed", and "misled" to describe Rodgers' actions in telling the nation he was "immunized against COVID. We're all adults, so we can be truthful. Rodgers lied. Rodgers knew that "immunized" was "vaccinated" in the context he was being asked.

The Packers were aware of this. They were aware of Rodgers' vaccination status. They knew Rodgers had applied to the league to be considered vaccined but had been denied. They knew Rodgers would lie about having been vaccinated each time he stood up in front of a room full reporters. They knew Rodgers was using COVID protocols that didn't make sense to him. Rodgers and Packers are now being investigated by the NFL. I am certain justice will be done because everyone knows how great the league is at following the lead of their stars.

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Let's forget about the fact that Americans are seeking medical advice from Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan has no medical or scientific credentials like Rodgers and got COVID himself. This means that we have arrived at Idiocracy much sooner than we expected. We can also forget about the fact that Kylie, a Facebook moms group member, is giving medical advice to Americans. This means that we are now in Year 2 and there is no end in sight.

Rodgers is not my purpose. I am here to say thank you. He has done miracles for my mental well-being.


Undirected anger at strangers about the pandemic has been my coping mechanism until now. Every time I saw an idiot in the grocery store refusing to wear masks, I hoped that someone would make it clear that masks don’t work and declare COVID a hoax. Every time I had an argument with someone at an apple orchard that refused to wear a mask despite the sign stating so. I am always shocked to see people shouting at the health care workers and "protesting" the mask mandates on television. These people don't know me. My rage at people who don't believe the rules apply to them was uncontrollable. It remained there, floating around in my mind, almost like a mist.

But Aaron Rodgers? That's someone I know. At least, I feel like I know him. He was just on my TV a few weeks back, shouting at Chicago fans that "he owns us." He plays in the worst team in the world. He calls those who believe in science or medicine "woke mobs" and claims he is the victim of a witch hunt. This is every privileged man’s favorite way of telling us that he feels unfairly persecuted, despite the fact that witch hunting was primarily a women-hunting operation.


This is all to say Aaron Rodgers was a smug, egotistical moron. This gives me a place to channel all my anger over the course the pandemic against those who put their comfort before the good of others, and all the people "just asking questions" about COVID vaccinations, even though they don't know what questions to ask.

When I think about people who believe they are smarter than others, who think the rules don’t apply to them and who think laypeople have the same knowledge as doctors who have spent decades studying medicine and science, I think of Aaron Rodgers.


Rodgers' reaction to the NFL sending someone to talk with the Packers about getting vaccinated sums everything I dislike about anti-vaxxers.

Rodgers stated that a stooge was sent to us in training camp early in the season to inform us that we were 19th in league vaccination percentage. "I challenged some things he was saying and was thanked afterwards by many coaches and players."


Aaron, I am sure you were. Aaron, I'm certain you brought up some great questions, even though you don't have any medical or epidemiology knowledge. Everyone was so grateful that you were there. I hate people who think it is too complicated because they don’t know how something works. Instead of realizing that they don’t know how it works because of their limited knowledge, this is a huge pet peeve. You can put your Berkeley education to great use. My God. Rodgers will probably turn to Elon Musk to get advice about running a fair workplace and naming children.

Recently, I have been reading and watching many histories about the flotilla rescue at Dunkirk in the second World War. This was when civilians willingly put themselves in grave risk to help their country. They took whatever boat they could across the English Channel to save the British army at the French beach. It's a remarkable story of bravery and sacrifice. We have already lost more Americans to COVID than to Vietnam and World War II combined. Yet, many of our fellow citizens are reluctant to do even the simplest thing for their neighbor. Americans are not being asked to go into battle with German warplanes. Get a vaccine to keep your family and community safe. Yet.


I now realize that criticizing Aaron Rodgers is like saying "hi!" to Brett Favre. It will mean I am out of his life for good. This is a risk that I am willing to take. Aaron, next time that you claim to be a critical thinker, maybe call Dr. Fauci or the CDC instead of Rogan. People who are truly critical thinkers don't play Mario Kart but ask serious questions about experts. They are able to see what they don't. Rodgers may have lost a little bit of their perspective due to a decade of NFL fan worship.