Buy two games and get one free at Target or Amazon

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Target and Amazon have a sale: Get two games for the price of one at Amazon and Target. The sale excludes physical copies, but it includes new titles such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Call of Duty: Vanguard. We're here to play video games. However, this sale also includes many classic and modern board games like Exploding Kittens and Animal Crossing Monopoly. We've provided links to both the landing pages for each retailer below if you are looking to complete your game collection.

Amazon: "Buy 2 and get 1" video games

Target: Video games "Buy 2 and Get 1"

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Our review found that the HyperX Cloud II wireless is one of our favorite gaming headsets. This amazing headset is now available at Best Buy for $130, making it the lowest ever price. This deal is only available to My Best Buy Members, but it's now available to the general public. The headset is extremely comfortable and supports USB-C charging. Although it does not have an audio mixer to adjust chat and game volume, the headset's overall sound quality was impressive.

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Many consider the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller to be the best controller for professional gamers. This robust, customizable peripheral is currently on sale at Walmart and Target for $40, making it a bargain price of $140. The high price was one of the main issues we had with the controller. However, the Series 2 is now more affordable than ever. The controller is heavy and features trigger stops that allow for quick double taps, back buttons for additional inputs, and swappable thumbsticks to make it truly personal.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller $139


23% Discount The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is a favorite of The Verge. The new Elite Controller is a significant improvement over the original Elite Controller. It features deep customization and optional rear paddle buttons. There's also a swappable analog stick and d-pad that allows you to customize its layout to your preferences in dozens unique combinations. Walmart: $139

$140 at Microsoft

Target: $140

Buy a pair of Beats Solo Pro headphones at Walmart for only $150 today. These noise-canceling headphones, originally $300, are now available at a lower price than ever. They're available in black, white, and grey colors. Although some Android users might find the absence of a USB C connection annoying, the lightning connection is perfect for everyone who lives within the Apple ecosystem. These headphones are unassuming and have a solid sound quality. We were also impressed by their effective noise cancellation.

Beats Solo Pro $150


Enjoy 50% Discount on our top choice for the best on-ear noise cancelling headphones If you are looking for a pair of headphones that will last while you exercise, the Beats Solo Pro is the best choice. Walmart: $150

Bose offers huge discounts on refurbished models for its top-of the-line headphones and headphones, including the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds at $180 ($100) and the Bose QuietComfort700 headphones at $250 ($130). Bose Alto Frames now available at $100 off, slashing the original price by half. These products may be second-hand but a certified refurbished product means that the product has been returned to Bose for inspection to ensure it meets their standards. These are some of our favorite discounts on these products. We're not likely to find a better deal on new models. For more information, read our reviews of the Bose 700 Headphones or the QuietComfort Earbuds.

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 (certified refurbished) $250


35% Discount on The Bose Noise Canceling Headphones700, the company's best-selling noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones. They can be connected to up to two devices simultaneously and offer excellent noise cancellation. Bose: $250

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, certified refurbished $179


36% Discount Bose QuietComfort Earbuds offer a rich, dynamic sound and superior noise cancellation. They are an excellent choice if you're looking to enjoy your music in silence. Bose - $179

Bose Frames Alto (certified refurbishment) $100


Bose Frames Alto - 50% Discount The frames look just like standard glasses, except for the large temples. It comes with a magnetic USB charging cable and the lenses are not polarized. Bose - $100